Drunk driver causes child Injury in Texas


Man Charged With DWI After Child Falls From His Car

"A suburban Houston man with a history of drunken driving convictions is jailed after authorities said one of two children riding with him tumbled from his car and fell to a street.

Montgomery County deputies said Matthew Killian, of Spring, was arrested and is accused of driving while intoxicated.  Records show he has three previous DWI convictions.

Authorities told the Houston Chronicle a bystander saw a small child fall from the front passenger seat of his moving car Tuesday. They said Killian got out, retrieved the child and drove off with the door still open.  Deputies tracked down the car and found Killian still in it with the kids.

The child who fell is hospitalized. Killian also is charged with injury to a child and endangering a child."


At Tom Hall Law we don't defend drunk drivers like this, we sue drunk drivers, especially when a child is involved. What many people do not realize about this story is that aside from a criminal suit, this drunk driver is also liable civilly for the child's injuries. Not only is this drunk driver liable for any medical damages the injured child incurred, but is also liable for pain and suffering for his negligent acts that caused this injury. It is a terrible and dangerous thing to drive while drinking, but it's absolutely despicable to do so with a child in your car. If you or a loved one have fallen victim to a similar situation due to a person's drunk driving, give us a call and we will aggressively fight for you.

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