Haltom City Toddler's Death Ruled Homicide


You can find this story at: (http://crimeblog.dallasnews.com/2016/06/haltom-city-toddlers-death-was-no-accident-autopsy-finds-but-will-anyone-face-a-murder-charge.html/)

The boy — his name was Lyfe — suffered for nearly a week before Haltom City officers found him at his grandmother’s house: his tiny feet and hands scalded, knots on his head, old wounds infected.

Patricia Flores told police that her grandson, 2, had climbed into a bathtub of hot mop water when she wasn’t looking. She told them she’d been treating the boy herself, for six days, until one night he started to heave and his eyes rolled back in his head and she finally called 911.

Police never believed her.

“The fact that she waited so long and the injuries were so severe, and so obviously severe … it seems highly unlikely that it was an accidental case,” said Haltom City police spokesman Matt Spillane.

And now those suspicions are backed up — at least somewhat — by the county medical examiner’s office, which has concluded that Lyfe Flores’ death was no accident.

Patricia Flores has been arrested in the scalding death of Lyfe "Gabe" Flores in Haltom City.

It was a homicide, according to an official autopsy report released Tuesday morning. It’s unknown what else the report says because it hasn’t been released to the public — or even police, Spillane said.

But it’s been sent to the Tarrant County district attorney’s office, which will read it over and decide whether it can make a murder case.

At the moment, Flores faces a lesser charge of injury to a child. That’s as far as police could go based on the evidence they had two months ago, Spillane said.

Now that prosecutors have the autopsy report, he said, they’ll decide whether the charge should be upgraded to murder.


Another inexcusable act by someone who was supposed to be caring for a child. We are glad to see that Tarrant County is entertaining this case as a murder case and will be happy when justice is served in this case. Our hearts and minds go out to Lyfe's family. Here at the Law Offices of Tom Hall, we believe in aggressively advocating for the rights of children who have been victimized as well as their families who have suffered a tramatic loss. 


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