Teen Intoxication Deaths Should Never Happen On Your Watch

Reflecting back on your teenage years, you may remember trying to sneak a sip of alcohol here or there. Maybe you even took a bottle of your parents' liquor and brought it over to your friend's house. Now, when you reminisce with pals about the good times you had, you probably also realize how truly dangerous some of the decisions you made were. You are lucky you were not injured, and now, it's up to you to ensure that no children are able to get their hands on alcohol in your home.

If you have a child, especially one who is a teenager or just under 21 years old, you need to be especially careful about what happens with alcohol in your house. Few parents realize that if an alcohol-related injury occurs under their roof or because of what happened on their watch, they could be held liable for the accident—even if the child who was hurt is not their own. When children are at your house without their guardians, you are responsible for all of them, not just your son or daughter.

Some parents are from the school of thought that if the kids are drinking at home, and aren't out driving around causing trouble, they are okay with it. They argue that most kids are going to drink anyway, so they would rather know they are "safe" at home while doing so. Unfortunately, that reasoning does not hold up in court when one of children dies from alcohol poisoning and their parents want to know how the parents in charge could let this happen.

There is no justification for the negligent care of a child that leads to injury or death. If you are the parent of a child who was seriously injured due to intoxication and you feel it could have been prevented, contact attorney Tom Hall for a free consultation. Call us today at 817-831-6100.

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