You can minimize your children from sustaining sports injuries if you provide them with necessary protective gear.

Sports Injuries: Protecting Children and Young Adults of All Ages

No matter how hard you try, it’s almost impossible to keep your children from getting hurt while playing sports. However, there are ways you can help your child avoid certain injuries if you’ll follow school safety guidelines and those provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). According to this government research agency, over 2.6 million children (age 19 and under) are treated in hospital emergency rooms due to sports injuries each year.

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Our office would like to share the following safety tips provided by the National Institutes of Health. They were created to help young people avoid incurring musculoskeletal injuries while playing various sports. The suggestions are shared in light of each specific sporting activity.

Most Common Football Injuries/Important Equipment Needed

Although knees and ankles are “the most common injury sites,” young people often suffer many sprains, bruises, soft tissue tears, and torn ligaments while playing football. Concussions are also quite common. Other problems can include back injuries, skull fractures – and damaged or bruised internal organs and broken bones.  Make sure the coach always requires the kids to perform warm-up exercise before playing football. Also, young people need to wear the best safety equipment approved by your school. Finally, always visit at least a few games to be sure you’re comfortable with how the coaches try to prevent injuries.

Most Common Basketball Injuries/Important Equipment Needed

Basketball players often suffer some of the same injuries as those who play football. In addition, they can also sustain serious dental injuries while fighting for control of the ball or after falling. Shin bone injuries are also quite common, especially among young girls.

Make sure your child wears all of the proper equipment including: knee and elbow pads, eye protection, a mouth guard, and shoes with proper treads. Boys and young men must also wear athletic supporters.

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Most Common Baseball & Softball Injuries/Important Equipment Needed

Kids who play these competitive sports often suffer “fractures caused by sliding and being hit by a ball.” They also incur many impact injuries, soft tissue strains, and other damages when accidentally hit by a ball or a tossed bat.

Be sure your child always wears a batting helmet, proper elbow and shin guards, cleats, a mouth guard, and a protective hat. Boys and young men should always also wear an athletic supporter. Make sure the coaching staff strictly enforces proper warm-up exercises and insists on adequate safety measures.

You can find many other useful safety tips for kids who play soccer, gymnastics, and track and field by visiting this link. Finally, be sure your child stays fully hydrated while playing all sports and applies proper sunscreen whenever playing outdoors.

If your child is an active swimmer, you can review the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warnings and safety precautions provided at this link.

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