Is the Insurance Company Asking for a Recorded Statement After Your Truck Accident? Just Say No

When you're seriously injured in a truck wreck, you need all the support you can get. Most people find many different types of support from friends, family, their community, law enforcement, medical professionals, and even their car insurance company. However, there's one group you may hear from that does not have your best interests in mind: the trucker's insurance company.

The call you receive from the trucker's insurance company may just leave you with your head spinning, wondering what just happened and whether or not you said the right thing. The insurance adjuster you speak with will usually be quite kind and even sympathetic to your condition. He will ask how you are feeling and try to get you to go into more detail about any injuries you may have sustained in the crash. What he’s really trying to do is trick you into admitting you are not actually very injured, or that the accident was your fault…even if neither of those things are true. He wants to get those admissions recorded so that in the event you try to seek some type of financial compensation, he can use your own words against you.

You may think that it's not a big deal to talk to the trucker's insurance company if you really were seriously injured or you know for certain that the accident was not your fault. You need to remember, however, that the trucker's insurance company does not care about you. Insurance company officials do not want to pay you anything. They handle cases like yours all the time and they know how to word things in a tricky way so that you don't even know that you're hurting your chances at receiving compensation.

If the trucker's insurance company comes calling, tell them you want to speak with your lawyer first. Then, call the Law Offices of Tom Hall in Fort Worth at 817-831-6100 for your free consultation. You're not familiar with the insurance company's deceptive tactics, but Fort Worth truck injury attorney Tom Hall is; let him handle the insurance company while you concentrate on healing.

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