What are the four threats of construction site injuries?

Although the numbers are starting to drop, far too many job-related deaths occur in America each year. In fact, during 2013, roughly 4,405 workers lost their lives at work.  Roughly 20.3% of those who died were construction workers. Latinos keep bearing the brunt of these losses: about “two Latino workers [were] killed every single day of [that] year, all year long.” Most of these deaths were attributable to the fatal four: falls, electrocutions, getting struck by an object or getting caught in or between objects.

If you or someone close to you has suffered a serious construction site injury, you’ll need the help of Fort Worth personal injury attorney Tom Hall. Although most workplace accidents are covered by worker’s compensation law – some may not be and can require the filing of a lawsuit on your behalf. Mr. Hall is board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He’s been defending clients like you for over 25 years.

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Texas construction workers must be especially careful since our state “has one of the lowest rates of OSHA investigators to workers in the country.”  According to some experts, Texas ranks the highest in this country in construction worker deaths on the job.                                                  

Here’s some additional information that can help such workers better understand the risks posed by their jobs – while they search for new and better ways to protect themselves.

The 10 Most Violated Safety Standards Which Threaten Construction Workers

  • Inadequate fall protection;
  • Faulty hazard communication standards;
  • Improper scaffolding which puts workers at risk;
  • Inadequate protection of workers’ respiratory functions;
  • Poor electrical system designs;
  • Failure to observe proper machine guards;
  • Poorly maintained or sub-standard industrial trucks or other equipment;
  • Improper use of ladders;
  • Poor handling of electrical wiring components;
  • Improper usage of hazardous energy.

Here’s a list of warnings or precautions that can help protect all construction workers.

Important Safety Tips for All Those Working Construction Jobs

  • Always wear the safety gear provided by your employer. When you can afford it, try to purchase even better equipment (such as more durable boots, gloves and goggles) to further safeguard your health;
  • Never begin working on any scaffolding without first testing its stability. When scaffolding is too narrow or insufficient railings or safety bars are provided, falls are far more likely;
  • Report unsafe conditions immediately. Let your supervisor know about your concerns right away. You should also consider filing a complaint with the federal government if no action is taken. If you believe your job is being threatened for reporting these problems, you need to immediately contact your Fort Worth personal injury attorney Tom Hall;
  • Be sure to ask about the emergency safety location. All construction site managers are supposed to provide workers with one or more “safety locations.”  You are supposed to go to these for added safety whenever a major accident starts unfolding;
  • Never drink alcohol or abuse any type of drug before your next work shift. A hangover, blurred vision – or even difficulty in walking -- can greatly increase your chances of suffering a serious fall or even worse harm;
  • Get plenty of sleep and never work double shifts. Construction work places heavy physical demands on every worker. For this reason, it’s important to never push yourself too hard – you’ll stay safer if you’re getting adequate rest;
  • Double check each ladder’s stability before using it and try to get someone to hold it steady when necessary. Ladders can wear out with extensive use and if you’re using an older one, the hinges or special safety locks may not hold up adequately;
  • Only accept technical or highly demanding work assignments after receiving proper training. Never just assume that you can quickly pick up tasks like working with electrical equipment, blow torches or other similar devices;
  • Do not accept further assignments if your supervisors are neglecting critical safety standards to finish projects sooner.  Be sure to voice your concerns to your supervisor. If necessary, give serious thought to quitting your job – but only after filing a formal complaint. Never risk your life for any job.

If you’ve been seriously injured on the job, whether it involves a construction site or a general office setting, you may need the advice of Fort Worth personal injury attorney Tom Hall. He can discuss the facts of your case with you to determine if you’ll be fully covered by worker’s compensation laws -- or if you’ll need to file a lawsuit to fully pursue all of your legal remedies.

You can reach the Fort Worth Law Offices of Tom Hall by calling 1-817-831-6100 today. Ask to schedule your FREE consultation.

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