Can I use my car insurance if I am hurt in a crash? And, since it is my own insurance company, will they willingly pay my Personal Injury Protection / Uninsured/underinsured or Medical Payments claim?

Understand you are now asking your carrier to pay you and as such you are a claimant. They may treat you the same way they would treat anyone making a claim against you using whatever methods available to minimize your claim.  Insurance companies want to take money in, not pay money out.


It’s easy to feel frustrated and think the company you pay is fighting you for compensation you feel you’re entitled to.  The simple reasoning is the insurance companies are money making institutions. Their stockholders and investors do not profit when they pay you fair compensation for your injuries. Therefore while you are a policyholder you are no longer their best friend.


This is why you may need a lawyer.  Your friendly sales agent has no control over payments to you.  That is handled by the claims people at the insurance company.  Many of them do not value you as a customer or member.  You are now the “enemy”.  This is not right or fair, but unfortunately, it is reality.


If you need help, call me.  I’ll try my best to help you as your advocate.

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