What are some safety tips you might give to motorcycle riders?

Basic Tips for Maximizing Your Safety While Riding a Motorcycle

  • Always avoid speeding. You should also consider taking a motorcycle safety training course, and keep an eye on motorists who often fail to yield the right of way to those riding motorcycles;
  • Wear the best protective helmet you can afford, as well as thick boots and durable gloves and clothing. Photos of this type of equipment are featured on the NHTSA website;
  • Always bear in mind that other motorists often have trouble seeing you. Make sure you carefully maneuver your bike in an effort to avoid remaining in other motorists’ “blind sides;”
  • Whenever possible, avoid riding in rainy or foggy weather. This puts you at the mercy of every other drivers’ potentially faulty brakes and increases the chances of skidding and losing control of your bike;
  • Ask for professional help when choosing the motorcycle that’s best for you and don’t purchase one that’s too heavy or difficult for you to maneuver or handle;
  • Drive defensively and avoid weaving in and out of traffic since this makes it extra hard for others to see you. Be willing to yield the right of way – especially since you’re far more vulnerable physically than those driving large vehicles;
  • Always keep alternate routes to common destinations in mind. It’s also best to avoid rush-hour traffic whenever possible;
  • Be sure to keep in mind the following facts:  Driving your bike after just one or two drinks (or using drugs) is far more dangerous for motorcyclists since you have less “outer armor” to protect you if hit. Also, please remember that traffic fatalities are always highest for those who fail or refuse to wear helmets. Finally, be sure you’re fully covered by ample healthcare and motorcycle accident insurance.

While defending past victims of traffic accidents, our office has been asked to provide advice on ways to avoid future motorcycle accidents. We have set forth some of our suggestions below. However, we also urge you to review the safety guidance provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on its website.

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