I just had an auto accident. Should I call the police?

                Yes.  If you are injured or one of the vehicles needs to be towed the police will investigate an accident. The police report will contain vital information including the at fault person’s name, address, license tag and driver license number, along with their opinion of fault.


What if the police will not investigate the accident? What should I do?


                At the very least you should insist that the other party provide you with their driver license number, license tag and their address. Some people will not give you their phone number, but ask anyway.


                Use your phone to take pictures of both vehicles before they are moved.  Take pictures of cars, people involved, the car positions and any surrounding features.  Remember it’s as if you are telling a story with the pictures.  The more you can show, the better the insurance company can understand your story.  Sometimes these pictures are the difference between winning and losing when deciding who was at fault.


                If a witness comes up an offers insight into what happened it is important you ask for their name, address and phone number. Again, having an independent witness can be the difference between getting compensated for your damages and/or injuries.


All too often an accident victim suffers visible injuries like scrapes, lacerations, and bruises. You or a friend should take pictures of your injuries and it may be necessary to take pictures over a period of time to document the full extent of your injuries as bruises may come up days later. Nothing says I was hurt like a picture of a bruise.  When taking pictures of your injuries, be sure to tell the entire story.  Take pictures that include your face so there is no doubt these are your injuries.   Take photographs at different angles and in different lighting so you don’t miss anything.  After the wounds have healed you can’t go back and recapture that moment.  It’s important you document all wounds and tell your entire story.  Pictures are evidence.  Evidence wins cases.

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