What tips do you recommend for senior citizens to improve their driving skills?

As many of us know, America’s senior population keeps growing rapidly. In fact, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) says that between 1999 and 2009, our country saw a “23 percent increase” in the number of older citizens out driving on various roads and freeways. Fortunately, many seniors don’t begin experiencing extra driving difficulties until their late sixties and early seventies.

In order to help older Americans remain safe and independent drivers, our firm has summarized some excellent suggestions provided for them by the Mayo Clinic below.

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Safety Tips for All Seniors Wanting to Carefully Extend Their Driving Years

  • Stay physically active and exercise as often as your doctor allows. As we age, arthritis and other issues often make it harder for us to quickly turn our heads (or the steering wheel) while trying to respond to sudden threats out on the road. By exercising, you can keep your muscles well-toned and minimize some of the stiffness that may make driving harder for you;
  • Get regular vision and hearing tests. Since most of us experience both vision and hearing losses as we age, be sure to have your eyes checked regularly by an ophthalmologist and get new glasses as needed. You should also have your hearing tested periodically. A great many accidents can be avoided by taking these preventive steps;
  • Take excellent care of your health and report all drug side effects to your doctor. There are many drugs on the market that can cause blurry vision. If you’re having this problem, be sure to speak with your doctor about it. Often, your doctor can alleviate this problem by changing your drug dose – or switching you to a completely new drug. Remember, the better your health, the better able you’ll be to respond quickly to urgent driving situations;
  • Avoid driving in inclement weather. Unless your errands are urgent or you have a critical doctor’s appointment, always try to postpone minor trips in your car when there’s heavy rain, snow or fog outside. Also, if it’s hard for you to see at night, let someone else give you rides to evening events; (As a general rule of thumb - the worse the weather, the less you should drive.)
  • Plan your driving route ahead of time. Even if you have a GPS system in your car, it’s always wise to study an actual map before leaving for your destination. If you can get someone else to ride with you, lean on that person’s ability to guide you;
  • Take defensive driving classes. Since no one can remember all of the best driving practices, it’s a good idea to take a refresher course approved by your car insurance company. If you pass, you’ll often receive a discount on your premium. Be sure to find out which online (or other) courses your insurer will approve before signing up;
  • Be honest with yourself regarding when you should completely stop driving. No one wants to lose his or her freedom. However, should you decide to move into an assisted living facility, they will often provide you with rides to doctor appointments and grocery stores.  You should also inquire about your city’s paratransit bus system – or special vans often provided to help the elderly or disabled. Keep in mind that your physician may need to fill out certain forms for you to qualify for such assistance.

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