Car seat heaters can burn unsuspecting people.


Seat warmers are a wonderful invention to help lessen the chill in the air on the cool fall and winter mornings.  Unfortunately, car seat heaters can be hazardous too.  We have successfully represented a person who was traumatically burned due to a seat heater.  Many seat heaters do not automatically shut off – thus burning people.   Sleeping children, elderly and individuals who have nerve damage or lack feeling in their back or lower extremities are particularly susceptible to burns by seat heaters.

Our paralyzed family members and friends are especially susceptible to the car seat heater burns.  The lack of sensation prevents the paralyzed person from knowing they are being harmed until the full thickness of the burn to the skin has occurred. 

No one would have a heater in their home or even and oven without a thermostat.  Why do we allow seat heaters in cars without thermostats??  Accountability prevents future injuries.  Allow us to help you hold the manufacturer accountable. 

Call the Law Offices of Tom Hall if you have been burned by a car seat heater.

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