Train Accident Injury occurs more often in Fort Worth because it is a major rail hub. Attorney Tom Hall represents people injured in train related accidents. Factors range from negligence, improper signaling, switching errors and malfunction.

Most Fort Worth area drivers and pedestrians assume they’ll never be struck by a train. Yet news headlines regularly document such accidents all across Texas. During the past 18 months, a number of these accidents have caused serious injuries and even death. At one point, “Texas [actually lead] the nation in car-train accidents.” Today, Fort Worth is expected to “remain a major rail hub.”

I’ve you’ve been seriously injured in a Fort Worth area train accident, you may need the help of Fort Worth personal injury attorney Tom Hall. He’s been board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has been handling cases like yours for over 25 years.

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How Our Law Office Can Help You

When you meet with Tom Hall, he’ll ask you to share all of the facts surrounding your accident. Once he decides that pursuing a claim can help you obtain proper compensation, his office will conduct a thorough investigation. He will then build your case based upon the best evidence available.

Next, Mr. Hall will speak with the opposing attorneys on your behalf, requesting the maximum amount of recovery possible. He’ll request full compensation for all of your medical expenses, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. If the other side refuses to settle the case, Mr. Hall will file suit and aggressively pursue your case in court.

After reporting their accidents, many clients ask questions about the major factors that often cause Fort Worth train accidents. The following information should help explain some of the more likely reasons why your train accident occurred.

Common Causes for Pedestrian/Train and Vehicle/Train Accidents

  • Improper Use of Brakes. Either the brakes were used improperly or they were somehow defective;
  • Cab signal problems. There should normally be a system sending appropriate signals to the train driver. For example, signal alerts should indicate when a train is moving at an excessive rate of speed so that the driver will slow it down;
  • Physical status of the driver. Far too often, train drivers fall asleep while on the job. They may also be battling substance abuse issues that may prevent them from handling their jobs properly;
  • Negligent behavior of the train driver. This may include using a personal cell phone to speak with others regarding non-work related topics or issues. Some train drivers have even caused major accidents while trying to both text and drive trains;
  • Improper flagging, hand and radio signals. When the wrong signals are given, whether by a driver or mechanical system, everyone is put at risk;
  • General switching errors. Standardized rules must be followed when switching a train from one track to another. Timing is often critical;
  • Train engine or parts malfunction. Regular train maintenance is crucial and it should only be handled by fully qualified employees or contractors;
  • Negligent behavior on behalf of a pedestrian or vehicle driver.  Unfortunately, the headlines often indicate that drivers have tried to “beat trains” across the tracks. Far too often, the car driver is hit and winds up sustaining major injuries or even death.

You can contact the Fort Worth Law Offices of Tom Hall today by calling 1-817- 831-6100. Ask to schedule your FREE consultation

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