Are You Driving One of the Most Dangerous Vehicles Today?

Posted on Jan 21, 2015

Are You Driving One of the Most Dangerous Vehicles on the Road?

Safety should always remain a top concern for every driver. Although the sleek lines of a sports car and the dynamic horsepower offered by some cars and trucks can be very enticing, they simply can’t compare with the value of a safe vehicle.  When trying to decide if you should trade-in your current car for something safer, take the time to research which makes and models have been involved in the most traffic accidents before making your final decision.

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We’d like to share some valuable Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) statistics which can help you determine the safety of your own car – along with others still out on the road.  (Pertinent dates for most vehicles have been included).

Some of the Most Dangerous Vehicles Still Out on Streets and Freeways

  1. The (pre-2009) Chevy Colorado Extended Cab and the (pre-2009) Nissan Versa Sedan. Although it’s not entirely clear, both vehicles appear to be rather difficult to maneuver since the majority of the deaths involving them were one-vehicle accidents;
  2. Although sports cars may look great, they’re often driven too fast and earn poor accident rate statistics. The more dangerous ones include both the Chevrolet Corvette (ever since 1953) and the Nissan 350Z (model years 2005 to 2008);
  3. Some “retro-designed” vehicles and smaller cars. These include the infamous Ford Pinto that could catch fire when hit from the rear (1971-1980); the Chrysler PT Cruiser (2000-2010), and the Smart for Two (1998-present) vehicle;
  4. A number of minivans also pose special dangers for many drivers. You may want to avoid purchasing: a Nissan Quest, the Chrysler Town and Country, and the Dodge Caravan;
  5. The Audi 500 (1982-1991).  Unless you’ve had this vehicle specially retrofitted with special parts, it may still develop “sudden unintended acceleration” issues;
  6. The old Chevrolet Corvair. Fortunately, most of these vehicles (made during the 1960s) have disappeared from America’s streets and highways. However, should you still be driving one, beware. These cars had “faulty swing-axle suspensions,” no front stabilizer bars, and other serious design defects. In fact, these cars were among those featured in Ralph Nader’s book, Unsafe at Any Speed, that was published during the mid-1960’s;
  7. The Ford Bronco II (1984-1990). This vehicle was one of those involved in a number of rollover accidents. It was so “top-heavy” that anyone who tried to make a fast turn on a slick or windy highway was in danger of being in a rollover collision;
  8. The Chevy Cobalt (2005-2008) and the (2005-2008) Chevrolet Malibu. While many people associate safety with four-door sedans like these, these two clearly fail to deliver on that assumption. Both vehicles have now been largely retired to older rental fleets. This is why a number of savvy tourists try to memorize the model names of troublesome vehicles (like these), so they can avoid driving them while on vacation.

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