Substitute Teacher Assaults 4 fourth grade students

Posted on Oct 11, 2016

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A substitute teacher in Arlington is under investigation after complaints he assaulted four fourth grade students who started crying when he wouldn't let them go to the bathroom.


The teacher, whose name was not released, was working at Berry Elementary School.



One of the students, 9-year-old Arianna Cantu, said she and a few other students asked for permission to use the bathroom.

She spoke to NBC 5 with her mother and grandmother's permission.



"He said we would have to cry to use the restroom," Arianna said.

The teacher got angry and lashed out, she said.


"He slapped my friend in the face," the girl said. "He kicked my other friend in the ankle and he started crying. And then he hit my other friend. He pushed her against the desk and her foot got stuck between the chair and the desk."

The teacher then hit her, she said.


"He went like that really hard on my head. I felt like something popped right here," Arianna said, pointing to the top of her head and her jaw.

She said the teacher blocked the door so students couldn't leave.


"When the sixth graders were passing by, we were saying, 'Can you get the principal because we needed help,'" she said.

Soon, she said, a fourth grade boy ran out of the classroom and to principal's office for help.


The principal called police and the children's parents, Arianna's grandmother said.

"I hope they look into it and do what's right," said the grandmother, Carmel Pizana. "She came home very scared to where she doesn't want to go back to school."



Arlington Police Sgt. VaNessa Harrison said the teacher has not been arrested but added that detectives will follow up on the investigation next week.

Arlington Independent School District spokeswoman Leslie Johnston said the teacher will not return to work in the meantime.


"Safety and security is of the utmost importance and the report will be investigated fully," she said.

Source: Arlington Fourth Grade Teacher Focus of Assault Investigation | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth 

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