Tarrant County Construction May Be Cause of Car Accidents

Posted on Jul 22, 2014

Two recent car accidents in Tarrant County are leading locals to wonder if current road construction projects may be to blame.

One accident involved a car and an 18-wheeler that collided in an early morning crash on Interstate 35W just before Meacham Boulevard. A man driving a Toyota Sedan was traveling southbound on I-35W after exiting Loop 820, when he crashed into a flatbed truck that was entering the roadway from a construction area. The man died when his car became wedged underneath the truck; the truck driver was not injured in the wreck.

The second accident was less than two miles north of the other accident scene, also occurring on I-35W, and involved an 18-wheeler, a midsize sport utility vehicle and a sedan. Further details have not been released, but it was reported that the sedan was crushed and pinned against the retaining wall. One person was killed in the accident and two lanes of I-35W were closed for several hours after the fatal crash.

Now, WFAA is raising the question of whether or not the road construction in these areas may have caused the two fatal accidents. The television station’s reporters note that construction remains a constant on I-35W and Loop 820 as the North Tarrant Express Project wraps up. The project is rebuilding 820 from Airport Freeway; it includes an upgrade of the I-35W interchange and, according to its website, the project is 95 percent complete and six months ahead of schedule.

Let's hope the construction ends soon and that no more lives are lost in the process.

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