Hunting season is upon us here in Texas.


What are the safety measures we should consider before we step onto the field in preparation for a quality hunt and great camaraderie amongst friends?


All hunters are required to have a hunting license. But did you know that anyone born on or after September 2, 1971 must have completed a Hunter Education Training course? Many seasoned hunters born before this requirement have young children wanting to participate in the time honored Texas sport. This is a great opportunity for a father and son or daughter to take this course together. Even seasoned sportsmen can learn something from taking this class.


What other safety measures can we take to ensure not only a good time but a safe return after a fun filled hunting experience?


Consider recommendations put for by the Texas Parks and Wildlife by wearing an orange vest and or hat. This ensures other hunters know where you are. More importantly it safeguards you form possible injury.


Lastly let’s always remember to never point a gun at anyone. The safest position when not shooting is for the muzzle to be pointing down.

Never lean a loaded shotgun or rifle against a car or truck. If it falls, the rifle and/or shotgun could discharge injuring someone, including you.

We encourage each of you to complete the hunter's safety course at: Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Now let’s all have a great  time this fall.

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