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Auto accidents can cause life-altering injuries, lasting emotional trauma, and expensive property damage. Pursuing financial compensation from the at-fault driver or other party isn’t always easy. You may need help from a personal injury firm in Fort Worth to get the most for your claim. The Law Offices of Tom Hall understand Texas’ car accident laws and how best to litigate claims for our clients. Find out all the ways we can help you after a crash in Fort Worth. Contact us to request a free, confidential case evaluation from an attorney.

Why You Need an Attorney After a Car Accident

A car accident attorney can stand up for your rights in the face of negligent, distracted, or reckless drivers. A lawyer can take over communications with insurance companies while you’re in the hospital, arguing for a better settlement award. A lawyer can also take your case to court if insurance settlement negotiations aren’t securing the amount your injuries demand. An attorney can act as your support system and confidant during a difficult, confusing, and often stressful time in your life. You can feel confident you’re receiving the best possible case outcome when you partner with an experienced auto accident attorney.

Fort Worth Road Network and Car Accident Statistics

Dozens of major roads and highways crisscross the state of Texas. An average commute to or from Fort Worth could involve traversing I-10, I-45, U.S. 80 or 90, state highways, and many other bustling metropolitan roadways. Fort Worth reported 16,442 car accidents in 2016. Of these accidents, 82 were fatal and 552 caused incapacitating injuries. Throughout Texas, crashes occurred most often on urban roads, such as major highways. It is every driver’s duty to reasonably try to prevent accidents through safe, diligent driving on all types of roads.

Texas Car Accident Laws

Texas uses “fault” car insurance laws and “modified comparative negligence” fault rules. This means that the Texas courts care greatly about who is at fault for an auto accident. First, you must identify the at-fault party to know which insurance company to call after a car accident. Then, during settlement negotiations, you may need to combat a defense that alleges your comparative fault. In Texas, a crash victim could still be eligible for recovery if he or she is 50% or less at fault for the accident. Our attorneys can help you navigate all of Texas’ car accident laws, including the state’s strict two-year statute of limitations for filing.

Types of Car Accidents

Attorney Tom Hall recognizes the connection between the most common types of car accidents and their probable causes. For example, a rear-end collision often points to the rear driver’s distraction, drowsiness, or broken roadway rule such as speeding or following too closely. Types of car accidents our lawyers can help with include rollovers, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle or pedestrian collisions, hit-and-runs, T-bone crashes, intersection accidents, defective part claims, and multi-vehicle collisions. We can investigate your accident, determine the proximate cause, identify the defendant, and get to work in pursuit of recovery as soon as you retain our firm.

Damages Available

A successful car accident claim in Texas could result in financial compensation in the form of an insurance settlement or jury verdict. Car accident victims could recover the costs of past and future pain and suffering, medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, lost opportunities, wrongful death expenses, and more. The better your attorney’s arbitration skills, the more money you’re likely to secure with a personal injury claim or lawsuit. The extent of your injuries will also play a role in how much your case is worth.

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