Here are some great tips for the next time you plan to have a guest in your home:

Few events are more awkward than inviting guests into your home and having one of them fall down and suffer a serious injury – often due to a condition you might have prevented. As you clean your home each week, take a look around and try to “see” potential fall risks that have been missed in the past. These may include rugs without proper anti-slip padding underneath, long extension cords covering various floors, and various items left on staircases.

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Here are some useful safety tips for “fall-proofing” your home drawn up by both the National Safety Council and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Helpful Reminders for Reducing the Slip-and-Fall Risks Present in Your Home

  • Install hand railings on both sides of all staircases in your home;
  • Increase the lighting in your home and place light switches at levels even accessible to visitors in wheelchairs;
  • Purchases “baby gates” if family or friends with small babies and toddlers visit your home regularly. Be sure to purchase the best types for preventing little ones from climbing up and down forbidden staircases or accessing certain rooms without doors;
  • Consider using more carpeting than “throw rugs.” Remember that guests unfamiliar with your home may not know how to compensate for the slippery nature of your rugs or floors. Also, carpeting often provides more sure footing for elderly visitors;
  • If you entertain outdoors. Try to apply the same rules regarding staircase rails in garden areas and add extra lighting. If you have a pool, only allow guests to swim in it when a responsible, adult non-swimmer can keep an eye on their safety. Be sure to keep the pool area properly locked so that uninvited guests can’t enter the area and suffer harm;
  • Always provide guests with beds that are somewhat low to the ground, especially if they’re older. Everyone is a bit disoriented when getting out of bed in the middle of the night. Try to make this experience as safe as possible for your guests. Also, try to place them in a bedroom near a well-lit bathroom;
  • Always install support bars and/or rails around bath areas. You may also want to provide rails around the side of the toilet if you have many older visitors. Also, give serious thought to only using “non-slip” rugs in all of your bathrooms;
  • Place furniture in rooms so that there are clear pathways for walking. Don’t make it necessary for your guests to move small chairs, ottomans, or other items when simply trying to move about;
  • Keep visible wiring and extension cords to a minimum. Also, try to keep these gathered over next to a wall, if you must use them. Older guests often have trouble seeing cords and wires and toddlers are apt to try and play with them;
  • Keep all kitchen clutter neatly put away and keep your pantry area clean. Guests may want to fix a late-night snack, so help them move safely around your kitchen area;
  • Provide adequate doormats at every entrance, especially during bad weather. You can prevent many people from falling by having a good place outdoors (and indoors) where they can wipe their feet before entering your home.

If you’ve suffered a recent, serious fall injury while visiting a friend’s home, a shopping center, a doctor’s office – or any other place on your regular itinerary -- you’ll need an experienced Fort Worth slip-and-fall attorney to help you. Tom Hall is board certified in personal injury trial law and can help your file a lawsuit if the facts of your case can support one.

You can reach the Fort Worth personal injury law office of Tom Hall by calling 1-817-861-6100 today. Ask to schedule your FREE consultation.

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