Trains are designed to be fast. They cannot stop quickly. It is a dangerous place to play or "hang out". Avoid injuring yourself and friends by staying away from Railroad tracks, cross bars and trains of any kind.

All pedestrians who live or work near railroad tracks, or often shop in parts of town near them, need to take certain steps to minimize their chances of being seriously injured while trying to cross them. After all, at least 400 or more U. S. pedestrians are annually hit and killed by trains. Our firm has put together a list of pedestrian safety tips to help you avoid being injured in this manner.

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Useful Tips for Staying Safe as a Pedestrian While Crossing Railroad Tracks

  • Wear flat, enclosed shoes when you’re going to cross tracks regularly. If you insist on wearing high-heeled shoes, “flip-flops” or even boots with thick heels, you’re very likely to get your foot caught – right when a train is heading straight for you;
  • Always expect a train to come rushing toward you at any minute. You’ll never know if someone new is running the train on a given day and may have switched by mistake to the tracks you’re about to cross;
  • Teach children, in advance, how they should act while crossing railroad tracks. First, tell them that they should never run or play in these areas. Next, urge them to wear flat tennis or gym shoes when crossing tracks. Also, remind them that many vehicle accidents often occur near railroad tracks. Finally, urge them to always look both ways before trying to cross and to obey all traffic lights or gates in the vicinity. They should only cross when it’s their turn to do so;
  • Pedestrians should always yield the right of way to trains. Whenever a vehicle is as large as a train, you should never attempt to beat it across the tracks;
  • Never race a car or train to a crossing. Odds are if you start to do this, you’ll be tempted to try and run across the track – and likely get hit or even killed. This is one of the saddest and most common mistakes pedestrians make every day;
  • Only cross where it’s clearly marked for pedestrians. Don’t get impatient or decide to create your own special place for crossing. Remember, it’s your visibility that’s important and pedestrian crossing areas are normally built to provide you with maximum visibility and protection.

NEVER play on railroad tracks.

Long loaded trains take hundreds of yards to stop. Children may not understand that trains cannot stop in an emergency.  If you are on the tracks, the train can hit, mame or kill you.  Teach your children to avoid playing on or near the tracks.

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