Top 10 Causes of Car Accidents in the US


For personal injury lawyers, car accidents are the bread and butter cases. Why? Because there are hundreds of car accidents occurring in large cities like Fort Worth everyday. Many of you may be wondering what causes these accidents? So we here at the Law Offices of Tom Hall have done some research and are bringing you the Top 10 Causes of Car Accidents in the U.S.

1. Speeding or reckless driving 

2. Use of cell phone while driving: Mainly texting while driving. If you see a driver swaying into your lane without warning chances are if you look over they are looking down on their phone. This has become a major problem in states like Texas where texting while driving is not yet illegal. 

3. Driver Distractions: Eating, messing with the stereo, grabbing something that just fell down, shaving, putting on makeup, smoking, talking to a passenger, looking at billboards, etc. 

4. Driver Fatigue: Falling asleep at the wheel accounts for a significant percentage of car accidents and car related fatalities every year in the U.S.

5. Intoxication while driving: Consuming alcohol and other intoxicating drugs makes a driver nearly 10 times more likely of getting into an automobile accident. 

6. Rubber-Necking: When there is something happening on the side of the road and other drivers are paying attention to it this is considered "rubber-necking." The most common form of rubber-necking is when there has been an automobile accident and the drivers involved in that accident are pulled off on the shoulder. Then, other drivers decide to figure out what is going on and ironically cause another automobile accident from this distraction.

7. Automobile defects

8. Improper design of roadways: Can apply to bad designs in the roadway or defects in traffic signals too. 

9. Bad Weather: Rain, snow, slush, high winds, hail, all tend to lead to the increase of car accidents.

10. Improper warnings of construction: When there is road construction and the warnings are confusing or inadequate to properly direct traffic. 


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