The Dangers Oil Field Workers Face Going to and From Work Sites

Oil field workers deal with serious workplace hazards every day on the job, but many people assume that 100 percent of the danger is contained to the work site.

The truth? Traffic accidents are the leading cause of fatalities in the oil and gas industries.

Oil and gas workers in Texas are usually killed in on the job traffic accidents for two main reasons:

Oil field exemptions from highway safety rules

Commercial motor vehicle operators are governed by strict rules when it comes to how long they can be on the clock. However, oil field truckers are allowed to work longer hours than drivers in most other industries. In a 2012 article in The New York Times, the author noted that many oil field workers are conflicted because the exemptions allow them to earn more money, but they also push them into driving more after shifts that are already 20 hours or longer. Having such tired individuals operating large motor vehicles is a recipe for disaster.

The recent oil and gas current boom has more trucks and heavy drilling equipment clogging our highways

It’s a simple relationship: more vehicles on the road equal more accidents. Our roads are becoming more congested, and this is causing a spike in traffic accidents.

A recent story from the Associated Press (AP) said that in 21 Texas counties where drilled has recently expanded, deaths per 100,000 people are up an average of 18 percent. In the rest of Texas, they are down by 20 percent.

We don't see this boom ending any time soon, so if you are an oil or gas worker, please be careful when you are out on our roads.

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