Pedestrians in Tarrant County are seriously injured daily in Fort Worth and surrounding areas in Tarrant County. Our Firm represents victims of rollovers, backovers, and any other auto/pedestrian accidents.

Fort Worth Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Far too many pedestrians lose their lives or are seriously injured in Fort Worth and surrounding areas every day. In fact, news headlines prove that danger lurks in every part of this city. Pedestrians between the ages of 35 and 46 have a very high risk of being injured or killed – right during the prime of their work lives. The elderly are also often hurt in these accidents.

A wide variety of factors contribute to pedestrian accidents. Although most of these injuries are suffered on good weather days, the vast majority of them do occur after dark. If you’ve been seriously injured as a pedestrian in a traffic accident, you can use the help of an experienced personal injury advocate like Fort Worth attorney Tom Hall.

Mr. Hall has been board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has been representing clients like you for over 25 years. You can contact the Law Offices of Tom Hall today at 1-817-831-6100 and schedule your FREE consultation.

How Tom Hall Can Help You with Your Fort Worth Pedestrian Accident

  • He’ll meet with you and ask about all the facts you can recall about how the accident unfolded. Once he accepts your case, he’ll conduct a thorough investigation, contacting all potential witnesses on your behalf and gathering together all of the most important evidence. He will also review all pertinent police reports and your medical records;
  •  He will file a lawsuit on your behalf, indicating the full amount of damages you’re entitled to receive. In most pedestrian accident cases, he’s able to obtain compensation for all of your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages;
  • He’ll diligently represent you while trying to negotiate the maximum possible settle amount with the insurance company’s attorneys. If they’re not willing to settle your case, he’s prepared to aggressively pursue your case in court, asking the judge or jury to provide you with the largest verdict allowed. 

You can contact Tom Hall at his Fort Worth Law Offices by calling 1-817-831-6000 today and scheduling your FREE consultation.

In keeping with expert advice and statistics on pedestrian accidents, our office would like to share the following safety tips.

Important Safety Tips That Can Help Pedestrians Avoid Future Injuries

  • Regularly alternate looking out for vehicles all around you -- while also glancing down at the surface of the street or sidewalk. Twice as many pedestrians wind up hurt each year due to uneven or broken pavement or street surfaces than are actually hit by cars;
  • Keep your alcoholic intake to a minimum, even as a pedestrian. In 2012, “34% of pedestrians killed had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 g/dL or higher;”
  • All pedestrians who value safety should wear flat shoes while walking around any high-traffic or congested area. Men and women both should avoid all kinds of boots since their heels can easily get caught in storm drains. They also provide less traction during heavy rain, snow and icy conditions. Boots and high-heeled shoes also greatly increase your risk of tripping or falling;
  • Remember the basic rules for crossing streets that you learned as a child. Always obey all traffic signals, never jaywalk, look both ways before stepping into the street, and always avoid running across an intersection;
  • Never make the mistake of believing most drivers are carefully watching you. This type of fantasy thinking can easily contribute to serious injuries, even when you’re using a clearly marked crosswalk. Move cautiously and even indicate that you’re about to walk across the street when the light says you have the right of way – after all, many drivers are on their phones and aren’t paying attention;
  • Avoid carrying too many packages or wielding an unruly dolly filled with documents or products.  In addition, if you drop something in the street, it’s better to keep on walking instead of suddenly stopping to pick it up. Instead, wait until the light changes or the traffic gets lighter to retrieve what you dropped;
  • Never try to “beat the light” by running across the street when it’s yellow. Odds are, you will not make it and you might even get a ticket;
  • Older adults need to exercise special caution, along with children. These two groups are overrepresented in pedestrian accident statistics, especially the elderly.

You can contact Tom Hall at his Fort Worth Law Offices by calling 1-817-831-6100 today and scheduling your FREE consultation.

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