Case Results


General Liability

Tom Helps Child Receive Significant Settlement Amount


Product Liability

Product Liability Case Won Against Major Auto Company


Premise Liability

Premise Liability Case Gets Big Settlement


Child Abuse & Child Sex Abuse

A Fresh Start for a Young Girl Sexually Abused by Photographer


Auto Accident

Client Involved In Auto Accident With Large Shipping Company


Pedestrian V. Car

Pedestrian Hit By Car Receives Just Compensation


General Liability

Disabled Woman Gets The Compensation She Needed


Auto Accident

Elderly Passenger In Auto Accident Receives Large Settlement


General Liability

Tom Hall Helped Orphaned 5 Year Old Girl


Car Accident

Law Offices Of Tom Hall Settle Claim For Policy Limits For Car Accident Victim


Auto Accident

Helped Retired NFL Player Settle Car Accident


General Liability

Our Office Helps Get Client Two Full Policy Limit Settlements


Dog Bite

Dog Bite to Military Veteran


Motor Vehicle Crash

Law Office Settles Rear End Collision Claim


Motor Vehicle Crash

Law Office Settles Car Crash For Policy Limits For Local Officer