How Can I avoid having an auto accident during rush hour traffic in Fort Worth and Dallas?

Although many of us try to avoid driving during morning and evening rush hour traffic, it’s not always possible to be off the roads at those times. Bosses often make last-minute requests as you’re trying to leave and clients frequently call right when you’d like to hit the road. Since leaving early or late to avoid rush hour can be difficult, try keeping the tips we’ve provided below in mind to help reduce your chances of being in a rush hour accident.

Here are some tips our firm has put together to help motorists reduce their chances of being hurt in rush-hour traffic accidents.

Safety Tips and Best Driving Practices That Can Help You Handle Rush-Hour Traffic

  1. Stay calm and avoid expressing anger at other drivers. Road rage is real and expressing it always slows down everybody’s commute. If you can’t get off a busy freeway and take a less congested path home, then keep your eyes on the road and use some soothing music to help you stay relaxed;
  2. Always remember that you share the roads with cyclists and pedestrians. It’s every driver’s responsibility to constantly keep a look out for cyclists and pedestrians since one wrong move can seriously injure or even kill the poorly protected pedestrian, motorcyclist, or bicyclist. Give these individuals the right-of-way whenever possible. Bike lanes need to be respected and crosswalks should serve as reminders that you must look both ways before crossing one to see if pedestrians are currently walking across the street. Finally, be friendly and wave a “thank you” when someone lets you cut into their lane after you’ve indicated your request with hand signals;
  3. While you’re waiting at a stop light. Keep in mind that pedestrians must often work hard to make it clear across the street before the light changes. Anticipate that some of them may be slower than others -- never race out into an intersection the second the light facing you turns green;
  4. Keep an eye out for people trying to pull out of parallel parking slots into traffic. A parked car can quickly dart out in front of you at any minute;
  5. Choose the safest yet quickest route home. Although we’re all creatures of habit, keep looking for better, less congested streets and freeways so you can avoid the largest groups of cars that pile up during rush hour;
  6. Try to move out of merging lanes. This can greatly reduce your chances of being hit;
  7. Avoid needlessly weaving in and out of traffic lanes. The time saved will be minimal and you’ll lower your chances of getting hit while acting in this manner;
  8. Keep your proper distance from all others on the road – never tailgate anyone. Respect all of those traveling around you and remember that if you tailgate behind a pedestrian, cyclist or other driver, you’ll greatly increase the chances of an accident;
  9. Obey the laws – regardless of what others near you are doing. Just because a cyclist decides to run a red light or weave in and out of traffic, doesn’t mean it’s wise for you to do the same;
  10. Keep watching what all of the buses and cabs are doing. Although everyone should be driving safely, these vehicles are not always driven carefully or within the proper speed limits;
  11. Never use a cell phone to call or “text” anyone while driving. If your car breaks down and you need to call for help, try to first drive over to the nearest shoulder and place your call once safely parked;
  12. Signal all turns in a timely manner whether driving on a freeway or open streets. Also, remember to turn off your signal – leaving one on can hazards or permanent headaches for those driving near you. Also, be extra careful when making left-hand turns in congested intersections;
  13. Maintain proper passenger behavior rules. Laughing and yelling children – as well as co-workers who constantly talk on their cell phones -- can greatly add to a driver’s stress. Be sure to respectfully ask all of your passengers to help you concentrate on your driving by remaining as quiet as possible;
  14. Keep your windows rolled up whenever possible. This will reduce your temptation to speak angrily to other drivers and will minimize the dirty air (or heat and cold) that will surely make you uncomfortable – unless your heating/cooling system is on the blink.


If you’ve been seriously hurt in a Fort Worth car accident, you’ll need the help of an experienced attorney. Tom Hall has been helping injured car and truck accident victims obtain justice for over 25 years. He is board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. You can reach the Fort Worth Law Offices of auto accident attorney Tom Hall by calling 1-817-831-6100 today. Ask to schedule your FREE consultation.

You can reach the Law Offices of Fort Worth auto accident attorney Tom Hall by calling 1-817-831-6100 today. Ask to schedule your FREE consultation. 

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Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial Law