Why do I need a lawyer after my child has been sexually abused?

If your child has been sexually abused, you may feel confused about how to proceed. You may wonder if you can file a lawsuit against the person who abused your child; you may feel conflicted about taking legal action at all.

How a Child Sex Abuse Lawyer Can Help Your Family

Your lawyer will not file charges against anyone. The decision about whether to pursue criminal charges is up to the government—not an individual. However, a child sex abuse attorney can:

  • Determine if the person who abused your child has insurance that might help your child heal from the significant harm he has suffered. Because a child abuser doesn’t always have the means, assets, or insurance to pay for his victim’s injuries, it’s sometimes difficult for child abuse victims to receive compensation. But an experienced lawyer will look at all options available for obtaining a financial recovery.
  • Help your family start the healing process. Any money you recover in a settlement or in court can help you with expenses and protect your child’s future. Specifically, you may be able to get compensation from an insurance company for medical bills, counseling, future needs, and costs related to criminal proceedings.

A child abuse case can be confusing to go through alone. While you handle the physical and emotional needs of your child, an experienced child sex abuse lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation from an insurance company that might make your child’s future easier. For more information and for a free, no obligation consultation, please contact us directly at 888-404-9469. We would be pleased to meet with you at our office or in your home.


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