Are you more likely to have an accident at a busy intersection in Fort Worth?

Intersections Often Pose Special Driving Hazards

“T-shaped” intersections, “cross-shaped” ones, and the myriad of other configurations all seem to attract drivers prone to poor judgment. When you factor in speeding, blind spots, obscured traffic signs, and poor weather conditions, the injuries and fatalities continue to climb. In fact, according to one insurance group, close to 20% of all accidents take place at intersections.

Our firm has put together the following suggestions to help you minimize your chances of being seriously injured or killed while driving through different intersections each day. You may also want to visit various insurance safety information websites, as well as the “right-of-way”




information posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website.

Ways to Limit the Dangers While Passing Through Intersections

  • Always take extra caution when making left-hand turns. This is especially true regarding older drivers who often fail to readily assess dangers and sometimes hold up traffic. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, older drivers take almost 50% more time to make their left-hand turns than more youthful drivers;
  • Ask your community to consider creating more “All Red” traffic lights. When you increase the time that all lights are on red (even just by two seconds), you can greatly reduce accidents. This also often motivates speeders to slow down more readily;
  • Make sure your vehicle stays in good running order. Regular maintenance can help prevent a vehicle from suddenly using critical braking power or overheating, especially near busy intersections;
  • Exercise special care when pedestrians are in the area. Even if you have the right-of-way, you need to driving safely around pedestrians, making sure you don’t do anything to increase their vulnerability;
  • Your city needs ample overpasses, bridge walks, and underpasses. These types of structures help protect pedestrian safety, especially near intersections;
  • Be sure your area regularly monitors and repairs road surfaces.  Cracked asphalt, potholes, and other road problems can greatly increase the number of accidents around




busy intersections;

  • Ask your city to post signs indicating all major, upcoming intersections. People are more likely to slow down and pay closer attention while driving when they know they’re approaching highly congested areas;
  • Check all road repair signs to make sure they’re easy to read. Road repair workers expect all drivers to avoid endangering their lives. Let your local law enforcement office know if you see major road repairs being made near an intersection when there aren’t enough signs, in advance of the area, letting drivers know what to expect;
  • Before leaving each day, consider alternate routes you might take. This can help you not only save time but avoid problem areas that may suddenly appear due to unusually heavy traffic, accidents or unexpected bad weather  Always consider turning off the road you’re on when major traffic problems develop and take a less hectic route.


Have you suffered a serious traffic accident, possibly related to a dangerous intersection or other hazardous driving situation? Every day, drivers in the Fort Worth area must constantly navigate overburdened thoroughfares, poorly designed intersections, rush-hour traffic, and careless drivers.

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