Are there any toys consumers should avoid when shopping on Black Friday?

Every year, new toys are sold that should raise a “red flag” for all careful parents. Before giving a child any gift you haven’t seen before, it’s always best to go online and check to see how one or more consumer groups are ranking it. While trying to create exciting toys, some companies simply go too far. Far too many children are seriously injured or even killed while playing with dangerous toys each year.

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Here are seven toys that one or more consumer groups have recently indicated can cause your child to suffer serious injuries -- or even death.

Seven of the Most Dangerous Toys Now on the Market

  • Toysmith’s “Catapencil.”  The consumer group named W.A.T.C.H. (World Against Toys Causing Harm) says this “pencil-turned-catapult toy” poses serious eye injuries. In many ways, it looks like a slingshot combined with a pencil. Oddly enough, this company’s website urges kids to use this device to “send a message medieval style;”
  • The Air Storm Firetek Bow. Even if the darts fired by these bow and arrow sets are largely made of foam, their ability to fly through the air up to 125 feet (per an page ad)  indicates that they may pack considerable force when striking children and adults who might be much closer than that distance;
  • The SWAT Electric Machine Gun. Given the realistic look of this gun, any child or adult waving it around, especially in the dark or poorly lit conditions, may appear “fully armed” to law enforcement and possibly get shot while holding it. Too many headlines in recent months/years have involved people hurt or killed when someone else mistakenly thought they were armed;
  • Bottle Rocket Party. Both the very name and “look” of this toy clearly spell potential trouble. Even the warning label notes that the “strict supervision” of adults is necessary. Since most kids only truly enjoy playing outside the presence of parents and adults, this toy is likely to be abused in many ways. Even if safety goggles were provided, serious injuries might still occur if not used with great caution;
  • “Alphabet Zoo Rock & Stack Pull Toy.” Perhaps one of the most dangerous features of this toy is its 20-inch cord. Young children are always at risk of suffering serious strangulation and entanglement injuries when playing with long-corded toys. This toy also poses other special risks since it’s apparently designed for use in very young children’s cribs and playpens;
  • Radio Flyer Ziggle. These four-wheeled cycles are set very low to the ground and invite kids to try and swerve and spin while riding on them in various, unstable ways. The cycles could also easily cause a carefree child to never even see a vehicle backing out toward them in a driveway (or coming towards them out in the street) before getting hit;
  • The “Colored Hedgehog.” This toy for infants is considered potentially dangerous because it has “long, fiber-like hair that is easily removable and poses ingestion or aspiration injuries.”

Many of these toys, along with others mentioned in recent news stories, can be easily purchased at Toys R Us and other stores (or online at and other websites). Parents and others who buy toys for children must always avoid purchasing any items that cannot be used safely while children are all alone. (After all, parents can be suddenly called away for many reasons).

If your child has suffered serious harm while using a toy or other product, be sure to contact the Fort Worth Law Offices of personal injury attorney Tom Hall. He can be easily reached today by calling 817-831-6100.  Ask to schedule your FREE consultation. 

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