Tarrant County lawyer Tom Hall helps you avoid car wrecks by telling you how to keep yourself safe by following simple tips such as avoiding bad weather, not drinking and driving, keep your maintenance current, respect traffic laws and drive defensively.

As most of us know, there are far too many Texas drivers who regularly run red lights, speed, combine drinking and drug use with driving, and frequently dabble in distracted driving. All too often, these careless drivers hit innocent people and cause a number of serious injuries.

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While defending numerous Texas car accident victims, our office has often been asked to provide suggestions for avoiding future incidents. We hope this list will prove useful to you. Additional accident prevention tips can be found by visiting the websites of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and The Texas Department of Public Safety. 

Useful Tips for Avoiding Future Car Accidents

  • Never slide behind the wheel of a car after more than one drink. When you do this, you endanger far too many innocent lives. If you doubt this, please visit the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers website – that organization regularly reports on all of the deaths that drinkers cause annually – even the ones who are certain they can “hold their own liquor;”
  • Never drive far in bad weather. Always be patient – most storms will either blow over fairly soon – or at least lessen if you’ll simply wait a while;  Often times, the ice melts by noon or 1:00 PM.  It's worth waiting out.
  • Always have your car serviced at least twice a year. You’d be surprised at what statistics reveal about how many accidents we could all avoid if we’d just take better care of our vehicles;
  • Only let experienced family members and friends drive your vehicle. It’s just too easy to permanently damage friendships when you let careless people borrow your car ;
  • Advise your youngest family members to never listen to music while first learning to drive on their own. Even though they may disobey you when you’re not present, try to explain how distracting loud music often is when traffic gets heavy;
  • Check your tire pressure, windshield wipers and all vehicle fluids regularly. 

These simple maintenance tasks can spare you many unpleasant driving experiences;

  • Never speed or exhibit any “road rage.” These careless and immature habits cause far too many accidents each year;
  • Always watch out for pedestrians -- especially children and the elderly. Careless drivers kill far too many of these people every year;
  • Never text and drive. Its selfish and immature to put other people’s lives at risk because you refuse to wait a short while to make your phone calls (or send text messages) while parked somewhere;
  • Remember the added dangers of night driving and passing by road construction areas. Try to run all non-urgent errands during the day. When passing by road construction, be courteous and slow down – this can make it much easier to avoid hitting one of these workers;
  • Learn how to properly change lanes -- and enter and exit freeways. You can quickly master all of these tasks by moderately slowing down  while practicing them;
  • Tailgating is rude and unnecessary. Be polite and concentrate on always following other vehicles at a proper distance – it’s really not that hard;
  • Respect all traffic lights and signs. These really do exist to save lives;
  • Carefully watch those riding bicycles and motorcycles. Since many of these individuals often “bend” traffic rules, keep a careful eye on them;
  • Always were your glasses or contacts if your driver’s license says you should. It’s simply not fair to put other people’s lives at risk because you don’t think your current eyewear makes the right fashion statement.


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