Tarrant County attorney Tom Hall gives you tips to prevent children from being injured in household accidents such as gunshots, knife wounds, lawn mower accidents, tractor and even poison.

Even parents who work hard to safely maintain their homes soon discover that kids can often locate “hidden” dangers. After you’ve “childproofed” all cabinets around the house and installed safety attachments to every wall outlet, kids still often find other ways to accidentally harm themselves.

Fortunately, the law imposes certain duties on product manufacturers so that all consumers, including children, may be able to recover financial damages after being injured due to certain product design flaws – or inadequate safety measures.

Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney Tom Hall Represents hurt/injured children.

Fort Worth personal injury attorney Tom Hall often meets children who have been seriously harmed by dangerous household products. If your child has suffered this type of injury, perhaps while using a kitchen appliance -- or playing with everyday toys or objects -- you may need an attorney to file a lawsuit on your behalf.

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The firm represents clients who have incurred such at-home, personal injuries as:

  • Serious cuts and burns;
  • Injuries to fingers and limbs (or the permanent loss of digits or limbs)
  • Crushing injuries
  • Large appliance “tip-over” accidents
  • Major fall injuries
  • Asphyxiation, suffocation
  • Death

(Other injuries can include those often suffered outside your home – including swimming pool accidents, outdoor grill injuries, falls, and other dangerous injuries from machines such as lawn mowers and power equipment).

How Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney Tom Hall Can Help You

When you meet with Fort Worth attorney Tom Hall, he’ll carefully go over the facts of your child’s case and all pertinent medical records and other reports. He’ll then tell you whether he believes that filing a lawsuit on your child’s behalf is likely to result in compensatory damages.  Mr. Hall will also explain general legal concepts involving products liability and negligence.

If he takes your child’s case, Mr. Hall will aggressively pursue every remedy available – he realizes that your child deserves compensation for pain and suffering – and your family will need funds to cover all of your child’s current and future medical bills, and other expenses. Mr. Hall has over 30 years of experience in handling Texas personal injury cases.

The following list sets forth some of the products (and types of incidents) that often cause children to suffer injuries in the home.

Common “Hidden” Dangers Children Often Discover While Playing Inside Homes

  • Deadly “tip-over” accidents. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) frequently reports on the unacceptably high number of injuries children often suffer in homes where parents have failed to carefully secure large TVs, bookshelves, ovens, dressers, refrigerators and other large items that can easily fall forward and crush a young child’s fingers, limbs, body or head. Be sure to talk to your local hardware store employee about reliable ways to secure these items to the walls;
  • Dangerous window blinds and shades. Sadly, the CPSC must occasionally issue recalls after children are seriously hurt (and sometimes even suffocate to death) after their heads and necks become caught in certain types of blinds and shades still sold in this country and abroad;
  • Guns, knives, and many dangerous electrical appliances. Always keep these items locked up and away from where you children can reach them. This holds true of many items adults often store in their kitchens – including sharp knives. Your children often see you use them and never realize that they may not have the skill, dexterity, and experience to handle them safely. Only keep somewhat dull-edged knives in your silverware drawers. You can pull out whatever knives you and other adults need on special occasions;
  • Open windows. Sadly, children are often fascinated by what appear to be “wide open” spaces. Unfamiliar with gravity, far too many children fall or jump to their deaths each year, unaware of open windows’ serious dangers. Others become permanently disabled as a result of these incidents;
  • Injuries on staircases, in attics and basements. Teach your children to safely go up and down the stairs and always forbid them from entering the attic and basement when an adult isn’t home to help them;
  • Patio doors. Far too many children, particular when poorly supervised, fail to recognize that these doors are often not actually open -- and they’ll run straight into the glass, seriously injuring themselves while just trying to run outside. Be sure to apply special large decals to your own patio doors -- at children’s eye levels;
  • Alcohol, cigarettes, matches, and other contraband. It goes without saying that all of these items should be kept out of the reach of children. Also, be sure to keep your personal prescriptions locked up in your bedroom – and never simply keep them on medicine cabinet shelves. Curious children often experiment with such items and they can die if they ingest your medications, particularly when mixed with alcohol;
  • Your dishwasher and laundry equipment. If possible, close off these appliances in special rooms and instruct your children to never use them unless under immediate adult supervision. Too many children get their heads caught – or part of their clothing -- when playing in and around these types of appliances. Some children have even died as the result of these incidents;
  • All balloons, even latex ones. Also, all toys that come with numerous small parts – kids can’t seem to resist trying to swallow these and they often choke on them. As for balloons, small toddlers can put these in their mouths and actually choke;
  • Family purses, sewing boxes, tackle boxes and other similar items. Young children are terribly curious – they’ll often open these items and find things like nail polish and even try to drink them – leading to various serious injuries. Keep all of these items off the floor (and low-lying shelves) where innocent young toddlers can find and open them.


Do your children a favor and walk around your home at least once a week, trying to “see” some of the “hidden” dangers present. Then, promptly put questionable items somewhere else so that your youngsters cannot find or reach them.

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