Law Offices of Tom Hall seeks to protect you and your family from hazardous products. Our goal is to work with you to prevent these injuries. However, if you or a loved one is injured as a result of a defective or hazardous product, the Law Offices of Tom Hall will seek compensation on your behalf.

Every day, thousands of children are seriously injured by dangerous toys, cribs, strollers, furniture, and other household items. Although government agencies try to prevent questionable goods from ever reaching consumers, many still make it through.  Once risks and injuries are reported, government agencies issue product recalls to help protect the public.


Texas product liability lawyer Tom Hall represents families and children who have suffered serious injuries, and even death, due to defective products.            


If your child has suffered a significant injury due to any product, contact the Law Offices of Fort Worth attorney Tom Hall so you can meet and discuss your case. He has been board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization  for more than 25 years.  He has been practicing in this field for over 30 years.


You can reach Tom Hall’s Law offices today by calling 1-817-831-6100. Your first visit is a FREE initial consultation.


How Fort Worth Product Liability Attorney Tom Hall Can Help You

  • He’ll carefully evaluate your case. When you meet with him, he’ll ask you to fully describe the nature of your child’s injuries so he can properly evaluate your case. If it sounds like your child has suffered serious injuries directly due to a defective product, he will review all pertinent medical records and tell you if he believes that he can obtain fair compensation for you by filing a lawsuit on your child’s behalf;
  • Your questions about Texas product liability laws will be answered. He understands how traumatized you may feel regarding your child’s injuries and wants to be sure you understand how the legal process works;
  • Your case will be thoroughly investigated. Tom Hall and his staff will fully investigate every aspect of your case, keeping you fully updated as pleadings are prepared and your lawsuit is filed – while you continue to obtain all necessary treatment for your child;
  • Your case will either be settled prior to trial or tried in court before a judge or jury. Mr. Hall will aggressively seek the full award of damages you are entitled to receive upon behalf of your child;
  • You’ll be informed about what type of compensation is often awarded in product liability cases. Mr. Hall will be seeking full compensation for all of your children’s past medical expenses due to the injury – as well as any future treatment fees. He will also seek damages for your child’s physical pain and suffering. If your child has passed away due to the injuries sustained, he will discuss with you why you may need to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

You can reach the Fort Worth Law Offices of Tom Hall by calling 1-817-831-6100 and asking to schedule your FREE initial consultation.

Here is some useful information we hope you’ll share with others about defective products often used by children and their caregivers. All of these items were recalled during the past year.   

  1. Recalls of Defective Products That Can Harm Your Children
  • Clothing. Although worldwide clothing manufacturers know that they must meet tough U. S. safety standards regarding the flammability of children’s clothing and avoid using drawstrings, many of them continue to market clothing featuring these design flaws. Be sure you haven’t purchased (or been given as gifts) the following children’s clothing items this year. A Benetton boy’s jacket featuring a forbidden waist drawstring; children’s pajamas that failed to meet flammability standards; hooded children’s jackets with neck drawstrings that pose strangulation hazards, and risky baby coveralls;
  • Furniture, cribs, strollers, and kitchen products. Be sure to avoid using cribs that pose fall and entrapment hazards or strollers with defective attachments/parts.   Also, make sure your kitchen is free of dangerous food processors designed for children’s food or poorly designed high chairs;
  • Toys. Be sure you’re not currently using a dangerous swing for your child or letting your son or daughter play with one of about 30,000 “fake toasters” sold by Toys R Us that can create choking hazards. Finally, make sure your kids aren’t playing with one of Walmart’s dolls that can cause significant burn injuries to children.

You can reach the Fort Worth Law Offices of Tom Hall by calling 1-817-831-6100 and asking to schedule your FREE initial consultation.

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