It is devastating to you and your loved ones when the primary breadwinner in the family is suddenly tragically injured. You have lost your means to support your family and you have incredible bills piling up while your loved one is suffering and in pain.


Yesterday, the unthinkable happened.  One of my employee’s relatives was injured on an oil rig.  This young man is newly married and they are expecting their first child.  This happy couple should be celebrating.  Instead, the expectant mom was flown to her husband’s bedside and after waiting out the surgeries, she must wait even longer to find out what kind of recovery to expect.  His body might never be the same.  Will he be able to provide for his newborn in a few months? 


The state of Texas has benefited greatly economically from the increase in oil production but it has come at a high human price.  Young men and women are injured daily by accidents.  Oil and gas companies are still responsible for accidents that happen on their sites.  If you or someone you know has been injured on an oil or gas rig, please call us for a free consultation. 817-831-6100.

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