Strangulation and choking injuries are preventable. Here are some tips and tools to keep your child safe. Knowing CPR, keeping small items away from kids and watch your child closely can prevent serious injuries. Fort Worth Attorney Tom Hall cares about your children and offers these valuable tips:

According to a Pediatrics journal article, “34 children a day are admitted to emergency departments because they’ve choked on food.” This results in 12,000 visits to ERs each year by kids age 14 and under. When you add in the number of objects curious infants and little children place in their mouths each day, the numbers grow even larger.  Learn to perform the heimlich maneuver to prevent choking.

Strangulation also becomes a serious risk when children get their necks entangled with window shade cords while playing with them.

If your child has suffered serious health injuries after choking on a small toy object or endured a strangling incident in your home, you should get in touch with Fort Worth attorney Tom Hall. He is board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Mr. Hall has been defending children like yours against the makers of dangerous toys and household products for over 25 years.

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Our office would like to share the following safety tips with you that were developed by SafeKids Worldwide and other sources.

Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe from Choking or Strangling

  • Cut up your young child’s food into very tiny pieces. Keep in mind that kids age five and under should never be fed some small, hard and round foods. This means that you should avoid feeding them “pieces of hot dogs, cheese sticks or chunks, hard candy, nuts, grapes, marshmallows or popcorn;”
  • Learn how to perform CPR on children of all ages immediately. Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) classes will help you step in – and possibly even save your child’s life – should a choking incident unfold while you’re present. Check with your local Red Cross or American Heart Association group to see when you can sign up for one of these classes;  Learn how to properly squeeze the stomach area of the choking victim to make the lodged piece get expelled.  Approach from the victim's back.  Put both your arms around the victim's tummy and suddenly pull backward with arms.  Repeat if necessary.  This procedure is known as the heimlich maneuver.  
  • Keep small, tempting items out of reach of your children at home. Bear in mind that 13% of the children who are taken to emergency rooms in this country are choking on either coins, candy or gum;
  • Never buy any toys or games with small parts – or those which appear to be loosely fastened to it – for any small child. As you know, they often put things in their mouths while they’re trying to learn more about the world around them. Be sure to regularly remind your kids that it can be dangerous to place any small objects in their mouths;
  • Keep your child’s crib away from any windows that feature blinds or shades with cords. Playful infants and toddlers will often wrap these cords around their heads or necks, never knowing they may strangle to death. Children can also harm themselves when given toys featuring long strings or cords attached to them;
  • Remove all loose magnets from your desk, refrigerator or toys.  Kids find these very fascinating and often put them in their mouths, creating serious choking hazards. Many toys are placed on recall lists each year due to their small, loose magnets;
  • Carefully review this Safe Kids PDF file for other important tips about children choking and strangling on objects. Remember, if you (or another responsible adult) will always remain present when your child is eating or playing, you’ll be able to prevent the vast majority of choking or strangulation events that might start to occur.


If you believe your child or infant has suffered permanent injuries after choking or strangling on either toys or household products, you should contact Fort Worth personal injury attorney Tom Hall. He’ll be able to properly evaluate your case to see if the facts will support the filing of a lawsuit on your child’s behalf. You can contact his law offices today by calling: 817-831-6100. Ask to schedule your FREE consultation.

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