Child proofing your home can prevent you and your loved ones from making trips to the emergency room from ingesting lethal or dangerous chemicals. Often, we are unaware of the threat posed by common household items.

Even if you carefully “child-proof” your home and tell your kids to never use any household products without your permission, there’s still a chance they may forget and suffer harm.  However, if they ingest a product containing toxic substances at forbidden levels, it may be possible to recover damages against the manufacturer.      

If your child has been seriously injured in this manner, contact Fort Worth lawyer Tom Hall who is board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He’ll review the facts of your case and let you know if he believes he can obtain a favorable settlement or verdict in your case. This can prove very helpful while you’re trying to fully cover all of your child’s current and future medical bills, his pain and suffering, and other expenses.

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Winning Just Compensation in a Texas Products Liability Case in Texas

Our office represents Texas victims of unsafe products that cause such injuries as:

  • Serious poisoning
  • Damage to internal organs or external disfigurement
  • Scarring
  • Cognitive difficulties that can follow ingestion
  • Death

Your attorney will explain to you how Texas law interprets and applies negligence theories to this type of products liability case. He’ll also describe the types of defenses that can be used in these types of cases. However, Mr. Hall will also explain that product manufacturers have a duty to place appropriate safety devices on products to thwart their use by innocent children and others.

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Don’t let a negligent or careless product manufacturer get away with harming your child or others in the future. Be sure to speak with your lawyer about whether filing a lawsuit can help you obtain justice for your child. You can trust the legal advice you’ll receive since Tom Hall has already earned 30 years of experience in handling personal injury cases in Texas.

While handling this type of case, our clients often request suggestions for additional ways to protect their children from toxic or dangerous household products in the future. Here are some of the ideas we often share – however, we strongly suggest that you also visit general safety websites like for additional ideas.

Safety Tips for Those Who Keep Toxic Products at Home for Cleaning and Other Purposes

  • Always store potentially dangerous products up high, preferably in locked cabinets -- so your children cannot accidentally find and use them;
  • Give serious thought to throwing away all toxic oven cleaner and name-brand cleaning products in your home. Instead, invest in some non-toxic cleansers – the types made by companies like Seventh Generation or Method. Check to see if your local grocery store also carries some of these alternative cleaning products;
  • If you must buy chemical herbicides and insecticides, only store them outside in locked garage cabinets. Never store these highly toxic substances in your home since they can cause serious damage to your children’s respiratory and central nervous systems. Instead, seek out alternative products;
  •  Avoid buying any types of toxic paints, modeling clay or similar products for your children. There are now many popular alternative art supply products available;
  • Air fresheners, certain antibacterial soaps, and general paint often used while refurbishing your home. Always obtain advice from your child’s pediatrician as to whether or not your family should use any of these products – it’s been inconclusively  alleged that some of them can cause respiratory and immune system problems in certain individuals;
  • Toxic gardening products. While we all like to see our plants and flowers grow in record fashion, some of these products contain far too many toxic substances. In fact, your child can suffer deadly serious complications if any of these substances are ingested. Always carefully investigate each of these products online before ever buying them – and give serious thought to purchasing fully researched, alternative products instead.  Finally, they should only be stored up high in locked garage cabinets.
  • Laundry Pods, please see our article on these dangerous items and avoid storing them in homes with small children.

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