Keep your child safe. Avoid trampolines, uninspected playground equipment, unlocked windows and unsupervised swimming pools. It is to your benefit to learn CPR and teach your children fire safety rules to avoid burns.

No matter how closely you watch your kids, they can still slip and fall or develop strange coughs that may sound frightening to you. Although it’s always best to go to an ER when a child has been seriously hurt or appears to be very sick, there are certain tips many ER doctors would like to share with all children’s caregivers. Our firm has summarized some of these tips for you below.

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Here’s an overview of basic information every parent and children’s caregiver should review in order to better protect and respond to ailing kids in the future.

Top Concerns ER Doctors Want More Parents/Kids’ Caregivers to Review

It must be rather heartbreaking and frustrating for doctors to see the same types of children’s injuries (and poorly understood illnesses) nearly every day in emergency rooms. Fortunately, many doctors believe that a bit more adult education on the following topics may help cut down on the need for so many of these trips.

  1. Give serious thought to forbidding your kids to ever play on trampolines. Although kids often love to jump up and down on things, chances are they’ll wind up fracturing a bone or even developing a serious head injury while playing on a trampoline. Also, even when warned, kids rarely like to jump on these devices one at a time – even though that’s the safest way to use them. You can always find safer ways for your kids to play together;
  2. Never let your kids play on any playground you haven’t personally inspected. There are simply too many potential risks involved to ever ignore this warning. You must check to be sure all playgrounds being used by your kids are both safe and properly maintained. Always examine the ground cover and never let your kids run around on any playgrounds covered with asphalt, cement, gravel or other hard materials;
  3. Always choose proper child car seats for your children. No child should begin wearing an adult seatbelt or harness until he or she has outgrown the largest car seat made for young kids;
  4. Read all you can about asthma. Far too many children suffer terribly for years before this condition is properly diagnosed.  When left untreated, your child’s life may be at risk;
  5. Never let your children play around any pool or body or water without strict adult supervision. Kids are fascinated by water and can even drown in fairly shallow water, especially when they’re young. If you have a pool at home, never let any children play in it unless a highly responsible adult is watching them at all times;
  6. Learn to recognize child abuse – and don’t just look away.  At least one million or more American kids are abused at home every year. Take note of suspicious bruises, burns, and other injuries and report them to the proper authorities right away;
  7. Be sure the windows in your home are kept locked properly at all times. Far too many kids fall out of windows every year – and many of them die. If you must leave a window partially open, be sure to add the safety locks that will prevent your child from opening it wide enough to fall out of it;
  8. Take CPR Training and Carefully Choose Your Children’s Toys. Eager to see how things work, kids constantly take many toys apart – often removing pieces they may later put in their mouths and choke on. Always tell your children that they should immediately bring any broken toy to you so you can take care of it. The American Heart Association and the Red Cross should offer CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) classes in your area on a regular basis. If not, contact a local hospital to see if they offer this types of training to the public;
  9. Never leave your kids alone in a car. There are simply too many harmful things that can happen to them, especially if you forget they are there in extremely cold or hot weather. Also, carjackers and others may see your child and wind up hurting them;
  10.  Teach your children how to avoid sustaining burns in your home. Never allow your children to cook when you’re not home or use any appliances that can easily overheat. If you have space or wall heaters, tell your children never to turn them on when you’re not home. Always instruct your babysitters and other caregivers to never use the stove to warm your house and be sure they know how to adjust your home’s thermostat.

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