Major Fort Worth Child Abuse Scandal Still Unfolding

Posted on Nov 25, 2014

All parents should be able to send their kids to school without fearing that a child molester may be there plotting sex abuse crimes. However, recent news reports indicate that a Fort Worth man, Randy Ray Wesson, apparently used forged documents so a much younger man could pose as a grade school student in Hurst to “recruit young [sex abuse] victims.” The story is already being reported worldwide.

At present, the Federal authorities have stepped in, managing to obtain a confession from one of the men involved to possessing extensive child pornography tied to this same incident. As many as 100 children may have been abused or exploited by this man and at least one other individual.

If you suspect your child may have been abused by someone, you need to obtain the help of Fort Worth sex abuse attorney Tom Hall. He understands how to interact with young people trying to cope with the aftermath of such events. Mr. Hall is board certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Tom Hall has also been appointed in the past by several courts to serve as a guardian ad litem (personal representative) on behalf of children requiring a legal advocate in certain matters.

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Adults must take children’s reports of sexual abuse and exploitation seriously as the long-term effects of such abuse can cause extensive damage during both adolescence and adulthood. Many abused kids who do not receive supportive therapy suffer major consequences.


Long-Term Consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse Cases

According to one NBC story, many sexually abused children struggle the rest of their lives with “chronic states of stress and never feel safe.” Just as pervasive and equally crippling are these people’s long-term battles with depression and body image issues.

The title of this NBC article speaks volumes: “Effects of Sexual Abuse Last for Decades.” Furthermore, you can quickly locate an almost endless list of scholarly articles on Google which document the never-ending damage childhood sexual abuse inflicts on many people.

One article which clearly addresses the lifelong neurobiological effects of childhood sexual abuse is entitled, “Wounds That Time Won’t Heal.” Many people who’ve never known anyone battling childhood sexual abuse can never fully grasp why the damage is so extensive. In a nutshell, sexually abused children often feel worthless, unable to achieve and believe themselves unworthy of anyone’s love or care.

If you believe a child has recently been sexually molested or exploited, be sure to refer that individual to Tarrant County sexual abuse lawyer Tom Hall. He can be reached at his Fort Worth Law Offices by calling 1-817-831-6100 today. Be sure to request your FREE consultation.

Common Adult Behaviors/Problems of Sexually Abused Children – Help is Critically Needed

Numerous studies over the years have documented that abused children, with little or no self-esteem, often fall prey to the following activities and situations.

  • Long-term and often severe alcohol and drug addiction problems. Many will do almost anything to escape the haunting memories that simply will not go away;
  • Problems managing hyperactivity and calmly focusing in on school work. When children are burdened with the deep sorrows caused by sexual abuse, they often find it very hard to sit still and focus on schoolwork or other activities. And adults are often far too quick to medicate kids these days -- often failing to realize that issues beneath the purely physical ones lie simmering below the surface;
  • Premature childhood sexual relationships. Overly sexualized before they even knew what was being done to them, sexually abused young people often assume that sex is a part of any “caring relationship,” regardless of the age of the often “trusted” adult who molested them. Many young women who were sexually abused become pregnant at a very young age. Both young men and women who were sexually abused can also develop lifelong sexual addiction issues – while also battling sexually transmitted diseases. These kids have been robbed of the slower pace that others navigate while approaching puberty and adulthood;
  • All types of risky behavior. Sex abuse often tells a child that he or she is worthless. After all, the abusers are often adults that the children trusted. Abuse tells a child that any behavior must be okay – even when it can prove life-threatening. A child’s entire ability to understand and adopt meaningful interpersonal boundaries can be destroyed. Abused children frequently “act out” at school, unable to cope with the wide range of angry and shame-based feelings boiling over inside of them;
  • “Cutting” and other forms of self-abuse. Suicidal behavior is also quite common. When an adult sexually abuses a child, the child almost always believes he or she is to blame. Furthermore, most perverted adults who sexually abuse children often threaten the children about what they may do to them (or others) if they “tell” or try to get help. Far too many abused children later commit suicide each year, solely due to being raped or otherwise sexually molested.

Ways that All Adults Can Try to Help

All adults who work with children must hold themselves to the highest behavioral standards. They must make sure “their” kids feel safe while interacting during all learning or “fun” activities. The Centers for Disease Control and many other groups provide excellent information on how best to protect children – and their innocence – from the numerous sexual predators in our midst. 

Give serious thought to speaking with your local Texas legislator to see when Texas will finally join the many other states that have already passed Erin’s Law. This simple yet critical statute would require all Texas schools to teach young children how to recognize improper touching and sexual abuse. It will also empower them to report what’s happened and get the help them will both need and deserve. 

Erin Merryn’s message will not only help empower and protect young children – it will hopefully put potential molesters on notice that America will no longer tolerate childhood sexual abuse. The quality of our most innocent citizens’ lives is now at stake.

If you believe a child has recently been sexually molested or exploited, be sure to refer that individual to Tarrant County sexual abuse lawyer Tom Hall. He can be reached at his Fort Worth Law Offices by calling 817-831-6100 today. Be sure to request your FREE consultation.

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