Fort Worth Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Traumatic brain injuries can occur when the head or skull suffers a serious blow, jolt, or impact. Car accidents, sports incidents, falls, violent crimes, and objects falling and striking the head are all common causes of brain injuries in Texas.

If you or a loved one have suffered a head or brain injury, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Tom Hall can help. We can also represent you secure fair compensation and do everything in our power to secure the best possible case outcome. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Who is Liable for Your Brain Injury?

While all brain injuries are serious, not all qualify for compensation in a personal inury case. The injury must have been caused by someone else’s negligence or breach of duty to file a successful civil lawsuit. A plaintiff must prove duty, negligence, causation, and damages to have a successful case. A lawyer can help you delve into the details of your recent accident to determine whether another person, company, or government entity could be legally responsible for your damages. Possible defendants might include:

Brain injury lawsuits hinge on the plaintiff’s ability to name a defendant, prove fault, and describe damages. It is the injured party’s burden of proof to show that he or she deserves financial compensation for the incident. Don’t bear this burden on your own. Put your claim in the hands of experienced personal injury lawyers. Trust the Law Offices of Tom Hall.

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After sustaining a traumatic brain injury in any type of accident in Fort Worth, it is important to act quickly. Waiting too long could result in losing your right to file if you miss the state’s two-year statute of limitations (six months for government claims). The sooner you contact our firm, the sooner you can get to know your rights and legal options. Tom Hall and his associates can take your catastrophic brain injury claim where it needs to go for the best possible results. Call us at (800) 866-4255 today.