Fort Worth Truck Accidents Lawyers

Tarrant County, Texas, recorded 2,194 crashes involving commercial motor vehicles in 2016. Seventeen of these crashes were fatal and 62 resulted in serious, incapacitating injuries. Heavy commercial vehicles such as large trucks are highly dangerous to others on the road. They become more dangerous when negligent or incompetent parties handle their operation. Call the Law Offices of Tom Hall if a truck accident injured you or took a loved one’s life in Fort Worth. We can help you pursue compensation from the at-fault driver or trucking company.

Who Is Liable for Fort Worth Truck Accidents?

“Liability” refers to the legal responsibility for the damages that victims suffer in an accident. The liable party will generally be the person or company that caused or greatly contributed to the injuries. Trucking accidents may come down to the liability of the individual truck driver, the trucking company, an auto parts manufacturer, or other parties involved in the transportation of goods. The city of Forth Worth could also be liable if defective or dangerous roadways caused the crash.

Most truck accident claims come down to trucking company liability. Truck companies managed to escape liability in the past by leasing instead of owning trucks and hiring independent contractors instead of employees. Today, however, federal laws prevent trucking companies from evading liability for wrecks. A local truck company such as Texas Trucking Co. Inc., Core Trucking of Texas, or Stevens Transport could be legally responsible for accidents involving its trucks or drivers, as well as crashes involving company negligence such as pressuring drivers to meet strict deadlines.

An auto part manufacturer could have to pay for victims’ damages if it designed or produced a truck part that was unreasonably dangerous for consumers. A victim who suffers a truck crash due to a tire blowout, for example, might have the tire company to blame for defective parts. Another common defendant in truck accident claims is the government for failing to maintain safe roadways. Potholes, debris, trees blocking stop signs, and other such defects that cause wrecks could point to city liability.

Get Legal Help for Your Fort Worth Truck Accident Claim

Large truck accidents often result in serious to fatal injuries for the occupants of the passenger vehicle. Common injuries include bone fractures, internal organ damage, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Survivors may live with permanent disabilities, scarring, or disfigurement after a major truck crash in Texas. Others may never see a loved one again because of a negligent truck driver. Always seek counsel from a local attorney after a harmful truck accident in Texas. Odds are high that you’re eligible for financial compensation.

Texas is a comparative fault state. This means that a plaintiff must prove that he or she was less at fault for an accident than the defendant, or else risk losing the right to compensation. The burden of proof can be a heavy one to bear in claims against large corporations and prominent trucking companies. Large companies have plenty of resources to spend on combating personal injury claims. Hiring a lawyer is the only way to level the playing field. Only a lawyer can help you prove the other party’s majority fault for the accident.

More than 30 years in the field of personal injury law has given Tom Hall a unique vantage point on truck accident claim litigation. One of our attorneys can help you with every aspect of the legal process, from start to finish. Keep in mind that the clock starts ticking on your claim the day the accident occurs. You have just two years from your trucking accident to seek compensation for damages. Don’t wait to contact a lawyer after a serious truck crash in Fort Worth. Count on the Law Offices of Tom Hall for exceptional, experienced, and energetic attorneys to take care of your claim. Call (800) 866-4255 or visit us onlne today.