Fort Worth Sexual Assault Attorney (Civil Cases)

We Sue Sexual Assault Offenders

At the Law Offices of Tom Hall, we understand how delicate sexual assault cases can be.  We also understand that, often, a civil claim is the only recourse victims have to seek justice for what has happened to them.  Filing a lawsuit in civil court can hold your attacker or abuser accountable and help prevent them from hurting someone else.

However, sexual assault cases are extremely complex and required a firm grasp of case law and nuanced understanding of how trauma affects victims of assault and abuse.  You need a lawyer who is capable of handling these types of claims. Our attorneys have significant experience handling cases involving sexual violence and take a trauma informed approach with our clients.  If you or a loved one have suffered sexual abuse or a sexual assault, call the Law Offices of Tom Hall for a free and confidential case evaluation today.

What Damages Are Available in a Sexual Assault Civil Case?

Every 98 seconds, someone in the United States experiences sexual assault. Young people ages 18 to 34 are at the highest risk of sexual assault (54%), as are females. Sexual assault is a pervasive problem around the world, but that doesn’t mean victims don’t have rights. A civil case could result not only in justice for your family but in financial awards for the following damages:

The sooner you talk to a lawyer about your sexual assault claim in Fort Worth, the better. The Texas courts impose strict deadlines and other rules for filing. Acting promptly can help you preserve important evidence, gather more accurate witness statements, stay within the filing rules, and receive justice and compensation more quickly. It also improves the odds of securing maximum compensation for your claim through savvy insurance settlement negotiations or trial proceedings.

Why Trust Us With Your Sexual Assault Claim?

We take sexual assault claims very seriously at the Law Offices of Tom Hall. We understand how large and widespread the impact of trauma can be in for victims of sexual violence. We also know that going through the legal process can be traumatic in and of itself for victims.  Our attorneys will do everything in our power to minimize this effect and handle your case in a respectful manner.

To this end, we aren’t your average personal injury firm. We are a small team that takes a limited number of cases to dedicate total time and energy to each individual client. When you contact us, you’ll speak to an attorney – not to a paralegal or an associate. Our firm makes a concerted effort to maintain open communication between attorneys and clients at all steps of the case process. You’ll always have a dedicated lawyer to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and keep you updated about your case.

It’s crucial to work with a lawyer you can trust during a sensitive sexual assault claim. Our founding attorney, Tom Hall, has more than 30 years of experience handling all types of personal injury claims – including those with criminal defendants. He’s handled claims involving injuries to children, child sex abuse, rape, harassment, and other such cases. Our firm has what it takes to go up against criminals, negligent parties, and individuals or entities who trampled on the rights of others.

Let us handle your case in Fort Worth and see the difference experienced lawyers can make. Call us at (800) 866-4255 to schedule your free, completely confidential consultation today. We’re also available through our online contact portal.