Fort Worth Child / Playground Injury Lawyer

Child injuries can happen at home, on the playground, at a school or daycare facility, or while staying with a relative or babysitter. The most common child injuries are broken bones, lacerations, brain injuries, and back and spine injuries. Attorney Tom Hall and his team are passionate about helping parents litigate child injury claims in Fort Worth. We know how serious these cases can be and have the resources to secure justice for your family. Contact us at (817) 831-6100 to learn more during a free consultation with a lead attorney.

Why Do Playground Injuries Happen?

The playground is a common setting for serious childhood injuries in Texas. Many establishments simply do not maintain their premises as well as they should. Lax standards, poor maintenance, and an attempt to save money can make for defective and dangerous playground environments. You deserve to talk to a lawyer after your child suffers major injuries while on a playground – even if it was a playset you installed right at home. You might have a personal injury claim against one or more parties, such as:

Determining the defendant in your childhood injury lawsuit in Fort Worth often requires an in-depth investigation from a team of professionals. The Law Offices of Tom Hall have the connections within the community to facilitate a full-blown investigation of your case. We’ll begin working on your claim the day you call our firm, working around the clock to secure justice for your child.

Don’t Take on Your Child Injury Claim Alone

Child injuries deserve attention from top-tier attorneys in Fort Worth. Whether your child suffered burns, cuts, scrapes, fractures, contusions, concussions, permanent brain damage, or paralysis, hire a lawyer to represent your family. A lawyer is the best way to protect your child’s rights and fight for fair compensation in the Texas civil justice system. Otherwise, insurance companies and defense attorneys could take advantage of you.

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Tom Hall have decades of experience handling delicate child injury claims throughout Texas. Our attorneys have gone up against schools, teachers, staff members, businesses, property owners, product manufacturers, individuals, and others in pursuit of financial recovery for our clients and their children. We take child injuries extremely seriously, sparing no amount of time or expense in litigating these cases. Our results speak for themselves.

Texas only places a cap on non-economic damages in medical malpractice claims. This means that all other child injury cases have limitless potential for financial compensation. The right team of attorneys can make sure your child receives a settlement or verdict that will carry him or her through the rest of life after a catastrophic or permanent injury. We’ll fight hard for fair recovery through whatever means necessary. Learn more about your case today. Talk to a lawyer for free at (817) 831-6100 or through an online contact request.