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The heinous crimes of child molestation or institutional abuse can inflict lasting harm on the victim. Victims of child molestation often experience great emotional and psychological damages, including depression and mental health problems, long after the molestation ends. We are passionate and aggressive about protecting children’s rights at the Law Offices of Tom Hall. Our personal injury lawyers will advocate for you or your child in the face of egregious crimes against children. One phone call can open the doors to several legal possibilities in your future. Call our Fort Worth office at (817) 831-6100 today.

Criminal Cases vs. Civil Claims

Child molestation is against the law according to Texas Penal Code Section 21. This law states that continuous sexual abuse (30 days or longer) of a young child, indecency with a child, improper relations between educators and students, invasive visual recordings, and sexual coercion are state jail felony offenses. Convictions for child molestation or institutional abuse could result in sentences of years behind bars and thousands of dollars in fines, as well as a spot on the national Sex Offender Registry for life.

A criminal case, however, will not result in compensation for the victim or his/her family. It only serves to rehabilitate and punish the perpetrator. A family must file a civil claim against the abuser and/or other parties to receive financial awards for child molestation. The state will press criminal charges against the abuser but will not file a civil claim on the victim’s behalf. Instead, it is the victim’s responsibility to bring a civil claim against the molester. Do so with help from trusted, experienced, and reputable personal injury attorneys in Fort Worth.

A civil child molestation or institutional abuse claim could result in significant compensation for you and your loved ones. You could receive payment for your past and future medical bills, physical pain, emotional suffering, mental anguish, therapies and counseling, lost quality of life, and other damages through a civil suit. The courts might also grant punitive damages to punish the defendant. While we know compensation won’t reverse the travesty that devastated your child, it can give your family justice and financial stability for the future.

What to Do About Child Molestation/Institutional Abuse

Child molestation is a terrible plight against our nation’s most vulnerable population, while institutional abuse, or child sexual abuse in a school or facility setting, is a gross violation of trust and human rights. As a parent, you can act to prevent, identify, and demand justice for child molestation. The first step is realizing that someone is harming your child. Warning signs that may point to child molestation or institutional abuse include:

Physical injuries such as those to the genitals or bruising of the upper thighs or buttocks could also be signs of child molestation. Talk to your child about your suspicions. Let your child know that it’s okay to speak out, that you won’t be angry with him/her, and that he/she is safe from the perpetrator. Then, take your case to the authorities. Call 911 for an official investigation of the person or institution right away.

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