Fort Worth Motorcycle Accidents Lawyers

With over 420,000 registered motorcycles, Texas has the third largest motorcycle ridership in the nation. Unfortunately, motorcyclists aren’t always safe on roadways in the Lone Star state. Negligent drivers, dangerous roads, and defective parts  can lead to disastrous accidents. In 2016 alone, 496 motorcyclists in Texas died in traffic accidents and many more were seriously injured.

If you or a loved one recently suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident in Fort Worth, Texas, contact the Law Offices of Tom Hall today. Our motorcycle accident attorneys know how to negotiate these cases and may be able to help protect your rights during an insurance settlement or civil claim. Motorcyclists don’t always get the benefit of the doubt in personal injury trials. Having a lawyer standing up for your best interests can make sure biases against motorcyclists don’t negatively affect your claim.

What Causes Fort Worth Motorcycle Wrecks?

Learning the common causes of motorcycle crashes can help you get to the bottom of what might have contributed to yours. While every crash is unique, a few common factors tend to play a role in a great many Texas motorcycle accidents. In our 30-plus years negotiating these types of claims, we’ve cultivated a deep understanding of why exactly most motorcycle crashes occur. The following are some of the most common reasons:

Note that most cases require a full investigation of facts to determine the defendant(s). The Law Offices of Tom Hall has the connections and resources to put a team of top investigators on your case, if necessary. Skilled professionals can preserve and collect evidence, put together a persuasive case proving the defendant’s fault, and present documents that prove your damages. Hard work from a team of lawyers can work well in your favor as an injured motorcyclist.

Your Trusted Fort Worth Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

The lawyer you choose can make a significant difference in your legal experience and case outcomes. Trust a team with a reputation in the community, a history of impressive case results, and plenty of client testimonials backing it up. Trust the Law Offices of Tom Hall, with decades of experience and millions of dollars in results for clients.

The future doesn’t have to look grim as an injured motorcyclist. Help from a lawyer could open the doors to a variety of possibilities for a positive case outcome. Although a lawsuit won’t take back what happened to you yesterday, it can give you a brighter tomorrow. The Law Offices of Tom Hall will be there for you every step of the way. Call (800) 866-4255 to schedule your free meeting with one of our attorneys (not a paralegal). You can also reach us through our online contact form.