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The old adage says that “kids will be kids.” With that in mind, injuries are a part of childhood, and accidents happen. Many parents believe their children should play outside, explore, participate in sports, and be involved in healthy activities and exercise. And because of this, minor injuries can occur even when attentive and diligent adults are nearby. However, there is a significant difference between those types of injuries and injuries suffered due to an adult's negligence.

Careless supervision can lead to many different types of accidents and injuries involving children of all ages—injuries that may have been prevented if the adult was acting responsibly. Most caretakers do not intend for your child to get hurt, but careless actions and failure to supervise can result in your child’s pain and suffering.

Failure to Supervise a Child in Texas Can Result in a Senseless Tragedy

Adults have a responsibility to keep safe the children in their care. There are many people who, during any part of the day, may be responsible for the care of your child, including babysitters, daycare workers, teachers, coaches, and other parents. Because children are involved in many types of extracurricular activities, and other people often are responsible for their well-being during the day, there are a variety of ways and reasons children can be at risk for injuries due to an accident. Here is a list of accidents that frequently involve injuries to children:

  • Swimming pool accidents and drownings. In 2014, 73 children lost their lives in Texas drownings. In 2015, the same number of children lost their lives. Many of these tragic deaths occurred in backyard, community, and apartment building pools. Children must always be under careful and constant supervision when in the water to avoid drowning injuries and deaths.
  • Leaving children locked in hot cars. These types of accidents often make the news—and with good reason. Children lose their lives when they are left alone in hot cars, and these accidents are completely preventable. The driver of the car, or the responsible adult, has a duty to ensure that the vehicle is empty of passengers before locking the doors and walking away.
  • Accidental drug or alcohol overdoses. Drug overdoses can occur in one of two ways. A supervising adult may give a child the wrong dose of medication, or the child may get into drugs or alcohol that should not have been accessible. Reasonable safety precautions should be in place to keep all alcohol and drugs, including prescription medications, away from a child who may find it, become curious, and accidently overdose.
  • Gun-related injuries. Gun owners have a responsibility to secure their guns and prevent children from accessing them. When a child finds a firearm, that child may accidently shoot himself or someone else.
  • School Injuries. Schools should be a safe place for learning, but they may also be the place where your child gets hurt. Sports injuries, bus accidents, playground injuries, sexual assaults, and other harm can happen to your child when teachers and staff who are responsible for protecting your child fail to provide adequate supervision or when they act with intent to harm.
  • Daycare Injuries. Falls are the most common and among the most serious cause of accidents in daycare settings. In children ages 0 – 5, other daycare injuries include bites, burns, and broken bones.
  • Car Accidents. A car accident injury may occur if an adult driver is negligent—this can include being distracted, using his cell phone, or drinking alcohol. A driver can also be negligent if he fails to ensure that a child is properly secured in a car seat appropriate for the child’s age and size.
  • Dog Bites. Texas has more fatal dog bites than any other state, and children are often the victims of dog attacks. Often, the dog owner may be liable for the attack; however, the adult supervising your child may also be responsible if he did not exercise reasonable care when your child approached the animal.

Life-Altering Injuries

The injuries that result from these types of accidents can be life changing. Children can be left permanently disabled and may require months, years, or even a lifetime of care. Additionally, these accidents can take a significant emotional and financial toll on the whole family. Some of the specific injuries that may be suffered due to these accidents include:

  • Head or brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries can profoundly change your child’s life. Depending on the part of the brain that was affected and how severely it was injured, a child may have difficulty with physical movement, fine motor skills, speech, cognitive functioning, behavior, moods, vision, hearing, and other senses.
  • Burns. Burns are painful and often require extensive medical care. Infections are common after burns and may create additional medical problems.
  • Spinal cord injuries. A spinal cord injury often results in paralysis that may be irreversible.
  • Broken bones. Complicated breaks may take a long time to heal and may create a lifetime of problems.

Let’s Fight Together for Your Child’s Future

When it comes to your children, they deserve an experienced attorney who will fight for a full and fair recovery. Because the time to file a claim is limited, it is important to take action today.

Attorney Tom Hall has dedicated his legal career to helping children who have been injured or abused. With over 30 years of experience successfully representing children and families throughout the Fort Worth area, he's ready to make sure that your child receives the compensation and justice that she deserves when she’s been hurt.

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